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Peony Jan van Leeuwen has opened with some discoloured stamens, both opened flowers are the same, why? I bought this off ebay as an 'eyed' root this year and it seems fine 'tho in a pot as I'm afraid to put it in the garden now, and couldn't do so before as makeover wasn't finished. Also when I plant it in the garden should I lightly cover the eyes or leave them above soil as now. Any info on peony's gratefully accepted:-)

On plant peony Jan Van Leeuwen




Can't really say about the stamens. Perhaps the bud got frosted but stayed alive. I would say eyes visible. Peonia are said to bloom better shallow planted

27 Jun, 2010


Thanks for the info Doriac, the two flowers are finished now, what a pity it's so fleeting:-)

27 Jun, 2010


I do agree Bornagain. My Bowl of beauty has bloomed so well since I stopped putting fresh compost over it each year. As you say it's a shame each flower is so short blooming. My sister in law had lovely huge, white, neglected peonies that bloomed for ages and had a delicious perfume. I left them alone when I gardened for her, to get on with it.

28 Jun, 2010


You should have taken a cutting Doriac:-) I had bowl of beauty in my old garden, it was something to behold in full flower. Some peonys have lovely leaves too, this one, Jan van leeuwen, has quite leathery leaves I think:-))

28 Jun, 2010

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