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By Newkid

London, United Kingdom Gb

Hello, I've just dug up the rotten stump of an apple tree that was chopped down many years ago. Will I be able to grow anything in the space that was left and will the soil (London clay) need anything added to it to make it more fertile?
Grateful for your advice.



You can grow anything you like in there, its just soil - enriching it with something like composted horse manure, leaf mould,soil conditioning compost from the garden centre, any of that sort of thing would be a good thing to do, but not specially because it had a tree stump present for years, just anyway, as its bare soil and you've got the chance.

22 Jun, 2010


London clay can get very heavy, I understand?
Add grit to your soil to improve the drainage!

23 Jun, 2010

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