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By Hank

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Thornless blackberry

2 years ago I bought a very small thornless blackberry bush. Not until this year did it grow as shown in the photo. There was no fruit on it.
Should I cut it back down or leave it as it is until next year.




If that is new growth from this Summer then that is where the fruit should appear next year, so leave it alone. Blackberries are pruned by removing the stems which have produced fruit, in the same way as Raspberries.

10 Oct, 2014


Thanks O.B. Got it. I thought that was it but wasn't certain. Sadly I have a goldfish-like memory.

10 Oct, 2014


To make pruning easier if you have room you can train all one years new shoots to one side so the fruit all appears on the same side and you can cut back the whole lot easily after fruiting. Then the following year train that years shoots into the space you cleared. Pruning is much less prickly this way as there is no sorting out to do. But remember new shoots can be 10 feet long or more in some varieties.

11 Oct, 2014


Hank's is a thornless variety so no problems with prickles.

12 Oct, 2014


Thanks Sue, O.B. - I always look forward to your replies.

17 Oct, 2014


Thank you Hank! How sensible to have bought a thornless one - these breeders are very clever. (Hadn't noticed you had bouthgt one of those - senility again!)But it still make pruning easier if all the shoots to be cut off are on the same side.

Whats O.B./ Old Bean?

17 Oct, 2014


Hi Sue, sorry to fool you, it's Owd Boggy.

19 Oct, 2014


Oh I see. Obvious really innit?

21 Oct, 2014


I couldn't have put it better myself

22 Oct, 2014



22 Oct, 2014

How do I say thanks?

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