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Please could you tell me whether heuchera newly planted in a window box in York will cope with the winter unprotected?



Should be ok assuming drainage is very good.

10 Oct, 2014


Yep, as long as not waterlogged, it should be fine

10 Oct, 2014


watch out for vine weevils though.
the plants are fully hardy usually.

10 Oct, 2014


Thank you very much. My daughter and partner are new gardeners but only in pots and window box at the moment. I would like them to have a successful start and not be put off by failing plants!

10 Oct, 2014


If the temperature really drops and you're worried then a cover of horticultural fleece overnight could help.

11 Oct, 2014


Thanks Pam. I will tell them to get some fleece in case. It would be such a shame if their very first efforts failed!

12 Oct, 2014


May be worth warning them that if the lose anything due to bad weather its not their fault......
as you say it would be a shame, have they put a few small bulbs in for the spring, I do that in my heuchera troughs

13 Oct, 2014


Penny, no matter what, the Heuchs usually look dreadful in Jan/Feb. So don't de disappointed (as I Was) with this. I asked Vicky about it at her Chelsea show stand (she has the national collection) and she advised me to feed them as soon as they show any sign of new growth in the spring with seaweed extract. Keep feeding until mid -late summer and then stop so you don't have too much new growth going in to winter. Also, look out for rust spots on them and spray with Systhane (Funghus Fighter) at the first signs of attack.

14 Oct, 2014


Thanks Pam and Karen(?). I will warn them about Jan/Feb. They have put some chionodoxa in the trough apparently andI was going to suggest a few crocuses as I think chionodoxa come a bit later don't they? I was hoping to find some of those really tiny daffs for them but no luck so far.I have taken on board the advice about feeding and will let them know and also use it on my own heucheras.
Thanks everyone for the help-it's much appreciated.

17 Oct, 2014


You're welcome! ?

17 Oct, 2014

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