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what is the best disinfectant to use in a glass house to kill whitefly and diseases. the soil has all been taken out and the inside has been power washed.



Hi, welcome to GoY, if you want to use disinfectant, then jeyes fluid is ok, but the easiest way is with a smoke candle, you can use a sulphur candle, but you will have to take all your plants out of the greenhouse, or you can use a garlic candle, they're a bit more expensive, but you don't have the trouble of taking all your plants out, just make the greenhouse as airtight as possible, Derek.

10 Oct, 2014


I've used jeyes fluid in the past. but it made my eyes run abit but I breathed easy for days.

10 Oct, 2014


Yes, there is that to consider as well Sbg, Derek.

10 Oct, 2014


Derek mŷ Dad alway used the smoke candle,never se n garland candles.

10 Oct, 2014


I would go for the sulphur candle treatment in the spring and wash the inside and staging with dilute Jeyes to get rid of moulds and disinfect for the season.

11 Oct, 2014


Hi Kath, garlic candles have been available for a few years now, but a lot of garden centres don't sell them yet, but if you can get them, they're a lot more convenient than sulphur, if you can't find them in a gc ,you can get them online, Derek.

11 Oct, 2014


Hypochlorite - Common Bleach. The cheap, thin supermarket own brand (about 20p for 2 liters) works great.

Just before the winter sets in I use a strong dilution of 1 part bleach to 5 parts water and clean all the glass and wooden surfaces in my greenhouse. It kills just about every living thing and even gets rid of all the green algae on the glass. You can use a spray to apply it on all the surfaces.

Just make sure you wear a mask, as can cause serious damage to your lungs if you breath it in.

11 Oct, 2014

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