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Can any one tell what this plant is called

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No idea....could it be some sort of Bromeliad ? God knows which one...Bilbergia ? Neoregalia ? Guzmania ?

11 Oct, 2014


It's fasicularia bicolor, a relative of the pineapple.

11 Oct, 2014


Both right - fasicularia bicolor, which is a Bromeliad.

11 Oct, 2014


And supposedly reasonably hardy.

12 Oct, 2014


Thank you all, been trying to find it on the web for weeks with no luck.

12 Oct, 2014


Very true Owdboggy. Mine has been growing in the garden, sheltered by a tree, for eight years.

12 Oct, 2014


Last week I was reading an article that said it would grow under hedges in the shade. (Written by head gardener at a local stately home)

13 Oct, 2014

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