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I have cucumbers growing this year- any advice appreciated. I read somewhere that you remove male flowers ???



I have grown them for the first time this year - albeit in a greenhouse and they are doing wonderfully. They like to have lots of water (but I killed off the first two I planted by overwatering them)!! I don't know about taking off the male flowers (how can you tell??) as most varieties are female and are very sweet tasting.,

22 Jun, 2010


Hi , You can tell quite easily which are male and which are female. The male flower is on a small thin stem , and the female is on the end of a baby cucumber. It is like a small swollen stem. Once you have recognised which is which it will be so easy. If you dont take off the male flowers you will get bitter cues., but I'm sure you will manage O.K. Once the plant starts flowering , check daily because the flower like wildfire !!!!! GOODLUCK :o))

22 Jun, 2010


The idea is to prevent pollination and seed formation, as long as it is a parthenocarpic (forms fruit without pollination) type of cuke. Seeds equal bitterness, especially in bigger cukes.

22 Jun, 2010


thank you

24 Jun, 2010

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