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Plant ID, please.
I've had this plant for a number of years and have no idea as to its botanical name.
It has a woody rootstock, stems and leaves similar to Euphorbia myrsinites and tiny yellow flowers borne right at the end of the stem.

Dscn3189 Dscn3190 Dscn3191



A Sedum methinks!

15 Oct, 2014


Thanks for the clue, Owdboggy!
I've identified it as Rhodiola rosea syn. Sedum rosea/Sedum rhodiola.
Common name: Roseroot.

15 Oct, 2014


And that looks suspiciously like a Vine weevil adult on the middle photo.

15 Oct, 2014


Checked it out - just a bit of stray compost!
Panic over.

15 Oct, 2014


Good oh. I found a pot with over 30 grubs in it the other day. Geum, not a Sedum. Trouble with all that family (Crassulacae) is that almost all the insecticides kill them as well as the bugs.

15 Oct, 2014

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