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I have a poinsettia which has survived since last Xmas. It is in full leaf (green). Is it likely to flower again.
Also Kalancho which had a good flowering season but is now just green succulent (?) leaves. Is it worth keeping. I do not have greenhouse in which to keep such plants.



Your Poinsettia needs a particular regime in order for it to produce the red bracts again. So far as I know it is now to late to get it to produce bracts for Christmas. As to the Kalanchoe like most succulents it is only in flower for part of the year. Booth plants need to be in your house not a greenhouse.

17 Oct, 2014


I also have a poinsettia from last Xmas but it has been in a warm room without any direct light and still has new leaves/ bracts which are red. . It doesn't look as good as a newly bought one though but it's the first time I've managed to keep one alive!

17 Oct, 2014


It just might develop the red bracts, if it is kept cool but not freezing. I base that on mine which I trimmed to around 6 ft tall, but grew around 4 ft this summer. Late next month it will be starting to turn red, and the old green leaves will fall off. It is outdoors, but it doesn't get below 50F/10C very often, which is what happens in northern Mexico where it comes from. The first outdoor poinsettia I saw was a roof high one in Auckland, NZ; so maybe outside during the day, and inside in a cool room at night. Worth a try.

18 Oct, 2014

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