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Having finished bulb planting just about I succumbed to more as our local hardware shop was selling off @ 5p each!!! So I got 10 Delft Blue, 10 Woodstock (Hya) 10 Unsurpassable,10 Toronto,10 J Straus,10 Rocco Double Red.Not bad for £3.......All bulbs are great.......I have no idea how high the Rocco Double Red Tulips are going to be !!!! All I find on t'internet are glasses



Put some pics up in the Spring. I'd love to see them.

17 Oct, 2014


Woodstock are beautiful - I had them last year and bought more for indoors this year. :-))

I've just seen your Rocco tulips on the internet - they're parrot ones, so they'll be about 35 - 40cm tall. They do look lovely!

18 Oct, 2014


If it's any consolation, i've got in the region of 65,000 bulbs to plant starting this week.....

25,000 snowdrops
12,500 narc Feb gold
12,500 Narc Jonquilla sugar bush
5,000 Anemone blanda blue
5,000 narcs (500 of each variety)
250 red hyacinths
2,000 Anemone St Brigid
2,000 Rununculus tomer
100 Erimurus

18 Oct, 2014


Gluttons for punishment some people :)

18 Oct, 2014


Ah some posts I did not get notifications on. Cammomile was not referring to my planting then!!!! The mystery tulips must be Rococo.....typo error on the box......I put them in a separate tub at the w/e....

21 Oct, 2014


I did find 'ROCCO' on line, Bramhallbill, honest! :-) I rather liked the pic of them.

23 Oct, 2014

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