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lichen on block paving on driveway

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how do i remove white coloured lichen on a block paved drive please tried algon to no avail.



Is the 'lichen' actually within the block paviours rather than sitting on top of them? When you used the Algon, did it have any effect at all, even temporarily?

18 Oct, 2014


you could try a fungicide as a lichen is an organism that is made up of a fungus and alga living in harmony.

18 Oct, 2014


An application of a strong bleach solution. Work it in with a stiff brush, leave it for about an hour, give it a good scrub again and hose it down. Failing that use a pressure washer.

18 Oct, 2014


if theres know plants salt works well or as Myron sais bleech but I would scrub it in and leave nature to clean it . don't use jays fluid as it actually promotes alga once its washed off .

19 Oct, 2014


Hi thanks for all replys... the lichen is mainly laid on top of the bricks with a few between the joints, cannot use bleach as near to lots of plants. We have tried algon twice using 3 to 1 solution put it as only removed it a tiny bit.Thanks

19 Oct, 2014


your welcome

19 Oct, 2014


Hi did you mean just household salt on the lichens.thanks

20 Oct, 2014


yes its cheap too just don't get it near your plants

20 Oct, 2014


Why do you want to remove it? Lichens are beautiful and people try all kinds of tricks to get it to grow to give that established appearance.

20 Oct, 2014


hi trying to remove it as on our blocked paved driveway, i do leave it to grow on plant pots etc as i think it looks great on these...... but don,t want it on expensive block paving.thanks for help.

20 Oct, 2014


We were advised not to use a pressure washer on our block paving - anybody got any experience of this?

21 Oct, 2014


Hi did you mean neat salt....... or to put salt in water.thanks for help.

22 Oct, 2014


I wouldn't recommend the use of salt at all - the salt can mark or stain the block paving indelibly. Check with the manufacturer of the paving to find out what you can and can't use without damaging it.

28 Oct, 2014


check out the patio black spot removal company

6 Nov, 2014

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