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Is it possible to divide a large pot bound hydrangea macrophylla as you would any perennial plant, eg phlox



Hydrangea is a tree/shrub rather than a perrenial so no, it cannot be divided.

19 Oct, 2014


As Bulbaholic said it's a tree/shrub, best to put it in a bigger pot or even better in the ground, repot Nov to March but March would be best, if in a clay pot I would line it as it would dry out quickly, potted one need lots of water too.

19 Oct, 2014


If you want to propagate it hydrangeas often take well from cuttings. I found this video for you:

21 Oct, 2014


Sorry to disagree with all the others but I have divided an hydrangea that my sister dug up out of her garden for me and the three plants have all grown very well. I have also found that one of my hydrangeas has made roots on some of its stems simply by layering. It's worth a try.

22 Oct, 2014


I have managed to split hydrangeas too..but these were in the ground and had spread out over several years. It depends on how big your plant is...If its in a huge pot and its spread over a wide area then get your saw out. but if it's smaller plant it and wit till to see if it spreads.

22 Oct, 2014

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