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We have just moved from Oxfordshire to Edzell nr Brechin and used to grow BF15 and Linzer Delicattes potatoes. We have found that we can't grow these in Scotland. My questions are: - Why is this and which potatoes would suggest as substitutes?

Hugh & Barbara Murray



Hi Shug and welcome to GoY. When you say you 'can't grow' those two varieties of potatoes do you mean you have tried growing them and they failed? I see no reason why you shouldn't be able to grow any variety of potato you want to in Edzell.

19 Oct, 2014


I always thought Angus was Scotland's potato and soft fruit belt. I suppose asking your neighbours what they grow and copy that would be the sensible option.

19 Oct, 2014


Hi Botanic - it is but there should not be a problem growing any variety of tattie!

19 Oct, 2014


Local farmers have been out in full force lifting all their tatties while the weather was good.

20 Oct, 2014

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