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By Motinot

down, Ireland Ie

Could someone please identify this twining plant...I only noticed it this it bind-weed?....I want to remove it as it is about to flower...thanks...

June..24th_10....newly_opened_flowers_002 June..24th_10....newly_opened_flowers_021 June..24th_10....newly_opened_flowers_032



I think it is Bindweed...

24 Jun, 2010


Looks like Bindweed to me

24 Jun, 2010


I too would say Bindweed and a nuisance

24 Jun, 2010


Bindweed this stuff I have been trying to get rid of for years it does produce nice white flowers but such a nuisance

24 Jun, 2010


The ironic thing about Bindweed is that it's actually one of our prettiest native plants, the heart-shaped leaves are lovely and, like all the Morning-Glory/Convolvulus, the large trumpet shaped flowers are almost tropical in appearance....

Unfortunately it's also one of the most invasive and tough-to-get-rid-of weeds you can get in your garden. If only it were slower growing everyone would want one!

24 Jun, 2010


Too true Ilex.....Thanks to everyone for your help.....This patch of ground has never had bindweed on it....maybe it came with some of the new plants i put in during the Spring....I know how difficult it is to eradicate....thanks again....:>)

25 Jun, 2010

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