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By Sirwolf

Staffordshire, United Kingdom Gb

Is it possible to move an Asparagus Plant, I have had one in my Greenhouse for about 7 years and have good yields from it each year. However when the ferns start to grow they really take over the Greenhouse (which is only 8ft by 6ft) and inhibit the other plants in there. Therefore I must either move it outside (no room for another Greenhouse) or plant afresh outside. Any advice would be welcome.



Yes! Best to move it in early spring.....
I found this Website to help you with all the info you need....

Good Luck :o))

21 Oct, 2014


Thanks very much Ladyessex1, that information and the link you provided are very helpful, I will transplant in the early Spring.

21 Oct, 2014


Hi, I'm no expert on veg, but I understand that they resent being disturbed, and may "sulk" for a couple of years, I think if it was mine, I would use it for "forcing" an early crop, and buy new, MALE plants in the spring, Derek.

21 Oct, 2014


Thanks Derekm, I think I will attempt to move it and accept the fact that it may 'sulk' for a while. Thanks for the tip on Male plants

23 Oct, 2014

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