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hi, its my first post. i am new to gardening and exploring new plants. i have moved to a new house where i have few plants but not sure what they are called. can you help me find their names from the pix i attach here. a botanical name would help me a lot.

many thanks

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Welcome, Aimankay, we need more mebers from up north.
The top picture is of a foxglove, Digitalis purpurea. Not sure about the second.

24 Jun, 2010


Welcome Aimankay.
I agree with Bulbaholic on the first one. The second picture looks like it could be Spirea japonica

24 Jun, 2010


think the second is a Spirea as you say but not sure of variety with purple flowers and gold leaves

24 Jun, 2010


Well the leaves look like Spiraea, but those flowers certainly don't! (2nd pic I mean). Need to do a bit of research on that one... will get back to this if no one else has named it and I can find out, but I would ask if this is how the plant looks right now?

24 Jun, 2010


Aiman - Digitalis purpurea is our British native foxglove.

The second one is a golden-leafed cultivar of Spiraea japonica - there are several, and this one is still in bud with the flowers yet to open, but I'd say it's most likely to be 'Gold Mound' or possibly 'Golden Princess'.

24 Jun, 2010


No way Jose, Ilex - if thats actually a Spiraea, I'll eat my hat...unless the photograph colours are wrong, and the flower buds are actually pink and not purple.

24 Jun, 2010


Bamboo - check out this pic of Spiraea 'Golden Princess' that I've just uploaded - obviously photographed under very different light conditions etc., and very probably a different cultivar too, but note the dull purple colour and characteristic arrangement of the unopened flower buds.

24 Jun, 2010


Thanks very much everyone. I am really surprised by the quick response.

I had a feeling that first one was foxglove "digitalis purpurea". Unfortunately I cleaned a lot of them from one section of my garden thinking they were all wild plants. :-( I have been searching on foxglove lately as I wanted to introduce them to my garden (not realising they were already there all along). I also read that they are poisonous and with a wee daughter of 2 years I am thinking if it is safe to have them in my garden.

On the second picture I am convinced that it is spiraea japonica golden princess as Ilex's pic does better justice. I used my new sony ericsson for the picture and didn't realise that pic came out like this.

Thanks again. I shall be posting some more pix as you all seem to be expert. ;-)

Thanks again.

24 Jun, 2010


Are you eating your hat yet Bamboo? : o )
That's def a spirea somethingorotherea because we have one and it looks like that just b4 the buds open.

26 Jun, 2010


No, I'm refusing to eat my hat, lol! (haven't got one anyway). Seems the Sony ericsson camera is less than perfect at reproducing colours... though I have a Sony digital camera and it reproduces colours perfectly, so not really sure why the flowers in this should look purple rather than pink.

28 Jun, 2010

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