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My bay tree is being invaded by something that leaves the leaf partly disfigured with brown areas that look skeleton like .
They have singular tan limpet like addhesions on the underside as well as the odd cobweb like cocoon structure also underneath.
What do you think it is and can I Treat it natrually ?



Wondering if it could be bay sucker - try googling it and see if you can find any pictures. Or look on the trunk and see if there are little ladybird sized brown limpet like things, and perhaps some fluffy white patches. If so it will be scale insect

22 Oct, 2014


my first thought is scale insect. if there are only a few scrape them off with your finger nail. if there are a lot then spray the plant with a systemic insecticide. Do you use the leaves for cooking? if so pick some for drying then spray the plant. You don't want to be harvesting recently sprayed leaves that's all. in a couple of moths they are safe to use again.

23 Oct, 2014

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