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A strong gale wind has damaged my young cordyline tree. It is not completely broken off, has anyone any tips on how to perhaps save/repair the plant? I have put a splint piece of wood at the back of the plant and taped it to the plant, will it repair in time?



it may well send new shoots out below the break .

22 Oct, 2014


If the stem was broken more than about half way its unlikely to repair itself but when it shoots out lower down you have the choice of choosing one and removing the others or letting them grow into a multistemmed tree.

22 Oct, 2014


Hi, welcome to GoY, I agree it will send new shoots and below the break, but for it " repaired" you would have to clean up the break, and put the pieces together, so that the cambium layer on 1 side of the break, was in contact with cambium layer on the opposite side, and strap together tightly until they bonded, it can be quite tricky to do, and not always successful, Derek.

23 Oct, 2014

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