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hi all, i have a climbing rose that has gone very wild and desperately needs pruning

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hi all,
i have a climbing rose that has gone very wild and desperately needs pruning, can anyone help me with a bit of advice on how far to go, its got some shall we call them tentacles that are about 10 feet long and hanging down, they could do with being trained over something like an arch but that's not what i want, its very abundant with blooms during its season, but it needs a hair cut. its breaking my heart to do it but the neighbors are starting to complain. all help graciously received

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Hi remove the old non flowering stems or those that are crossing/rubbing on other stems. cut back the longest ones as far as you want to. to keep it flowering well tie the stems in as close to the horizontal as you can. this encourages flowering. You don't say if it is against a wall or a fence so what is it climbing through? it will need support either an arch, obelisk, wall, fence or tree if it is to 'climb' effectively. up into an open obelisk does look good and retains the 'wild' character you like in the rose.
could you add a picture?

23 Oct, 2014


now would be a good time cause its autumn and most plants lie dormant.

23 Oct, 2014


thanks both, i think it a case of into the unknown and there is a bit of fear of doing it wrong, it climbs up a wall, actually the side of next doors garage, there are not many that haven't flowered this year, there is a picture of half of it in my pictures, but it only shows half of it, it just looks untidy and needs doing, i really enjoyed it this year and it was as i say very abundant with blooms and i fear that cutting it will destroy its ability to boom next year, we measured it and some or the spikes ( stems, arms tendrils ) grew 10 ft this year. i will post the pic i had up earlier but it has progressed a lot since then

23 Oct, 2014


gently bend the long 10ft ones down and along the trellis. tie them in using soft twine and then you will get new shoots growing off the horizontal and they will all flower. So lots more flowers next year. why do the neighbours complain about it?

23 Oct, 2014


10 feet isn't really going wild for a climber, it's what they do!
See if you can retie the whole plant with the stems horizontal as Seaburn says - that way you should get flowers over all the wall instead of just a the top.

23 Oct, 2014


thanks all, been great advice, my neighbor moans when shes got nothing to moan about, shes just like that, im gonna try to shorten some of the stems a bit and tie back most of then to try to get it to spread along the wall,

thanks again

24 Oct, 2014


Do bend them down to the horizontal though, to encourage flowering shoots.

24 Oct, 2014

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