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We need to refresh the stain on beams, window frames and trim on the front of our house. This is partly covered with Virginia Creeper. The work will be carried out in the Spring before leaves appear but some stain inevitably will go on the stems of the creeper.

If I use an oil-based stain (like Sadolin) will this cause damage to the plants?

If so, would damage be caused if I used a water-based stain (like Ronseal)?


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the plant wont like the sadolin and may cause localised damage but wont kill the plant as there is a lot of plant. the water based Ronseal wont do any harm at all.

23 Oct, 2014


Its wise not to publish your email address. Replies will appear here under your question. (What a beautiful creeper!)

If the wood has already been treated with Sadolin I might be tempted to risk it, as the leaves all seem well clear of the window frames. Not sure Ronseal would work over Sadolin - I'd ask a builders merchant of other supplier for advice on that one. What do you think SBG?

23 Oct, 2014


Thank you to both of you.

Steragram, yes, the creeper is clear of the windows but it is the creeper over the vertical beams I worry about. It is difficult to see from the pics but there are beams and the creeper has a mass of small hooks going into these. Would they survive?

23 Oct, 2014


I think that it will survive ok. If you're worried, maybe you could trim some of the plant back from the area you want to stain, it should grow back pretty fast.

23 Oct, 2014


I hadn't seen those. Found this on Google for you - says its harmless to plants.

23 Oct, 2014


Headnet, welcome to GoY.

To help prevent spam being sent to you, it would be best to remove your e-mail address from the question as Steragram has also mentioned.

Underneath the last picture of the creeper, there will be a button called 'edit question'.

Click that and remove the e-mail address before re-submitting. You will not lose any of the answers above by editing.

Lovely creeper by the way. It must have taken years to grow like that. :o)

24 Oct, 2014



Thanks for the advice. I have done as you suggest.


25 Oct, 2014

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