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Transplanting Rasberries
A kind hearted neighbour has given me some raspberry canes to plant. They are about 6 ft tall have good shoots on them but no leaves or foliage. I know they produce rasberries in summer.

Do I need to cut the canes down to about 12 inches or plant them as they are?




If they are summer fruiting ones cut them down to a max of 18" - you may get a few odd fruits next year on them. If they are autumn fruiters cut them right down to the ground as they fruit on the current year's growth.

23 Oct, 2014


Do they have roots, Bluemoon?

23 Oct, 2014


They did have roots on them - does that make a difference to what I need to do?

24 Oct, 2014


No, this advice is for rooted ones.

25 Oct, 2014


Thanks - I cut them down to size today

26 Oct, 2014

How do I say thanks?

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