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By Marjo

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Six months ago I moved house. In the new house there was a plastic compost bin with many nails (or screws?) mixed in. I ignored the compost bin completely and started a new one. Today I see that the nails have disappeared and there is just what seems good compost. What has happened? Have the nails decomposed? Is the compost OK to use? It is a mystery.



Seems unlikely that they would disintegrate completely. A fencer lived on my property before me, and I'm still digging up nails after 18 years! Have yours just sunk down to the the very bottom, perhaps?

23 Oct, 2014


Perhaps they weren't nails and something that looked similar?
If it looks good - use it!!

23 Oct, 2014


I am still digging up Elizabethan nails and Georgian nails and Victorian nails as well as more modern ones.
As said, if the compost smells ok then use it.

23 Oct, 2014


Because you said 'many' and they then disappeared I am wondering if in fact what you saw was the small red worms that are often found in large numbers in compost? If so I would suggest the compost is good and worth using.

24 Oct, 2014

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