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By Lemnos

London, United Kingdom Gb

I have an 80 yr old bramley apple tree-this year it produced blossom but very few apples. also about 2 or 3 branches seem to have died.
Do you think this tree has now come to the end of its natural life or could it be saved by removing the dead branches?
I would be grateful for any help thank you



It could be due to lack of pollination. Apple trees need to be pollinated by a different species of apple than the one you have to set fruit.

24 Oct, 2014


thanks for your advice

25 Oct, 2014


I've found out that Bramleys can live to be 100 but only normally fruit for 30 or 40 years so it looks as though the fruiting years of yours may be coming to an end.

25 Oct, 2014

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