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i have discovered a raised bed. it is covered in i just dig and dig to get rid of it prior to planting some flower plug plants. ihave heard comphry makes good compost is this true



Now is a good time to cut comfry. They say after it has flowered but now would be fine. You can add it to your leafmould as it gives the bulky organic good stuff some nutrients, or you can fill a bucket up and letr it rot down with a little liquid.
I made the mistake once of filling a net bag, (the type you get bulbs in) with comfrey and then floating it in my water butt. When I came to water my plants there was this fowl smell. That was the comfrey.

You can also add it to your compost or around your squashes. If you do use it make sure you water the mixture down otherwise it will be to strong.

It may come back next year as the roots can re grow.

24 Jun, 2010


To actually remove the comfrey you will need to dig the roots out. The cut off tops can be used as Trees suggests.

25 Jun, 2010


thank you

25 Jun, 2010


thank you al

25 Jun, 2010

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