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I have an echium pininana in a container, should I bring it indoors for the winter or will it survive outdoors in a sheltered place.
I bought it this year and it is yet to flower which I expected.Thankyou.



The first year, it would probably be best in a frost free area - it is native to the Canaries. I have found containers can stunt the growth of some of the Echiums, and these tall ones need some support against the wind. It can take 3 years to flower.

25 Oct, 2014


This is a semi tropical, and although often survives well in the south west of Britain its unlikely to last through a Derbyshire winter outdoors. (Wylie above lives in the Azores)

25 Oct, 2014


I get them to flower here in Pembrokeshire most years but we usually get mild frosts. pot grown ones will flower but as Wylie says the growth will be stunted. i would put it in a big pot of gritty compost in a green house till the spring.

25 Oct, 2014


Thanks to all for your answers, I will take these comments on board.Barnyboy

26 Oct, 2014

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