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Sweet Pea Lathyrus-I planted these from seed in September and placed them in my cold frame but they are growing bigger all the time. How can I keep them till Spring as I have no greenhouse and only very limited garden space?



Nip out top growth to 3-4inches and leave in cold frame over winter. Hopefully the cold will reduce speed of growth. In spring there will be side shoots to make plenty of flower stalks.

26 Oct, 2014


I agree,and they still need ventilation during winter..a covering with fleece or similar,if we get extreme temperatures.or an old piece of carpet on the top of your cold frame..Remove when weather permits..

26 Oct, 2014


To early to pinch out. You'll end up with a mess. Just leave them, they'll soon stop growing upwards as it gets colder.
Time to pinch out is middle of February.

29 Oct, 2014

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