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Can anyone recommend plants for a windy and salty small garden



Our member Shirleytulip lives in West Sussex but not as near to the sea I think, you could look at her pages, Tamarisk is supposed to be good by the sea I think, sea holly of course, thrift, mauve or white is pretty....

26 Oct, 2014


When I lived on the north east coast the gardens there often copied the nearby sand dune planting with swaying grasses and rock beds.
The RHS do a good page on this subject on their site and with windbreak plants and or hedges to add protection their list is quite long.

26 Oct, 2014


When we lived in Devon we had; Escallonia, Potentilla,
Rowan trees, Hydrangeas, Clematis,Grissalinia Littoralis, Japenese Anenomies,Day Lilies.They all did well.

26 Oct, 2014


Thank you all for your answers, should keep me busy for a while making up my list

26 Oct, 2014


There is a website dedicated to seaside plants which should give you more ideas..

26 Oct, 2014


Crambe maritima, sea kale, will also thrive.

26 Oct, 2014


Many thanks, have also found the seaside plants websites, very useful

27 Oct, 2014

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