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This year I got Easter Lilies but they just shot up without flowering. I put them in 3 pots. One pot the leaves are still green & I've left them for now. The other 2 I took the bulbs out a couple of days ago. I was going to rest them in sand & try again.....But when??? The soil was well drained but I noticed it was totally spent.......I stopped watering as the flowers were not there.......There are a lot of big cluster bulbs & little perfectly formed ones.......No real idea what to do next !! Cheers

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repot into a good compost [I also sit them on grit to help drainage] and leave them just damp but frost free over winter. then feed every 2 weeks once they have been in leaf for 6 weeks. They may flower for you this year. the small bulbs will continue to grow and will in time flower.
Not sure what you mean by an Easter lily though. Do you know what species you bought?

29 Oct, 2014


Just googled them and they are Lilium longifolium. They can go in the ground if you want. bury the bulbs 4x their height. put the baby ones around them too.
just watch out for lily beetles. I have usually found them flower in the summer rather than at Easter though.

29 Oct, 2014


A lady in US grew some 7 ft high.................out doors

29 Oct, 2014


They were a Daily Telegraph offer......lost the cutting

29 Oct, 2014


i meant 4x the height of the bulb Bramhallbill :o)

2 Nov, 2014


I found the cutting, bill & care notes. Oddly enough there is the order date but not when I got them........What to do if rec'd in Sept-Oct.....Feb -April........lift & store till spring ...indoors frost free.......garage is close.......

17 Nov, 2014


I put mine into barely damp, compost, frost free until late spring then I plant them out. I find they start producing roots from Jan/feb if in compost.

18 Nov, 2014


Just looked today at 1 pot that still had yellow or green foliage. Its on a window sill indoors. I cut down to leave 1 inch stumps but noticed 2 shoots on their way!!!!!

18 Nov, 2014


That's because you have it indoors, the extra heat has 'kick started' it back into growth. You can move it out to a cool frost free place if you don't want it to grow now.

19 Nov, 2014

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