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My site has a wood fence in front of a concrete wall part of which has collapsed against the fence. A budleia is growing beside the affected part and I need to know how to kill off the budleia when I cannot get to the roots as there is a boundary wall issue as well as health & safety.



You need to be able to access the woody base of the plant, so assuming you can, cut the whole thing down to a woody stump, as close to the ground as possible. If big enough, drill into it to make holes about a quarter inch deep, if not, make deep cuts/slashes into the wood, fill the holes up with neat SBK (a brushwood killer, available from Amazon or garden centres) or pour into the cuts, and cover the stump with something - upturned pot, plastic sheet, slab, whatever. It'll stop it regrowing, but the stump and roots will take a while to rot away.

28 Oct, 2014

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