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Can you clone parsley?



Why would you want to? It is a herb grown from seed.

29 Oct, 2014


When you say clone do you mean cuttings?
cloning is often done in a laboratory.

parsley is best grown from seed as Mg says, or if this isn't possible then small plants, many herbs are available rooted from supermarkets these days, you can split and repot them as they grow but don't put outside until spring

29 Oct, 2014


Burk1101 is quite correct - cuttings are clones in the same way as laboratory micro-propagated plants.

Parsley is usually a typical Apiaceae biennial and dies after flowering, keeping stock plants alive would be very difficult over a long term.

Root division would probably be more successful than stem cuttings.

29 Oct, 2014


Well yes... but not normally used......

29 Oct, 2014


Wouldn't consider either for parsley myself.

29 Oct, 2014


Or me.........

29 Oct, 2014


If you take a cutting or divide a plant, it will be an exact clone of the mother plant and share the exact same DNA. If you propagate them from seeds then they won't be the same, they will mutate and have a different DNA structure. However, if you grow Parsley from seeds the resulting plant probably won't show any noticeable difference from the parent plant.

29 Oct, 2014


Thanks for the help y'all

30 Oct, 2014

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