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By Pdb

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

Is it necessary to clear all the annual weeds ( mainly bittercress)before applying a layer of mulch on the borders?



Ha ha, Pdp, I understand your thinking as they are 'annual' weeds and I often have the same thoughts myself! If these annual weeds have already seeded then they are unlikely to do so again and will die. As I expect that you have been weeding out all the flowering and seeding ones all summer the remainder will be fresh seedlings and act more like biennials than annuals. Also, these weed seedlikings will love the warm blanket of mulch that you are giving them and may even flower and seed beneath the mulch over winter! The mulch will kill some of the weeds but the majority are likely to survive.
Having given all of the above advice, I have to finish by saying that you are banned from ever coming to look at my garden to see if I follow it ;-)))

29 Oct, 2014


Lol Bulba! In our garden the best way to treat bittercress seems to be to hoik it out as soon as you see it as it's flowered and seeded before you can turn round.

29 Oct, 2014


Mmmmmnn Bulba what a dilemma!! Now I don't know if to mulch or not to mulch ;-))
Just thought if I de weeded as much as I could and then mulch it would stop a lot of the spring weeds coming but yes I fully understand that mulching would be a lovely incubater for all those weed seeds!

29 Oct, 2014


The borders would enjoy a mulch anyway!

29 Oct, 2014

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