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If I add sulphur based fertiliser to soil will it increase the cation exchange capacity




30 Oct, 2014


No, and it may decrease the pH.

Adding clay (marling), or vermiculite if you don't want to make the soil heavy, can increase the cation exchange capacity. Humus also has a high CEC.

30 Oct, 2014


what a weird question! is this an exam question and if so at what level of study? if it is, it would help to get a full response if you said so when you pose the question.

31 Oct, 2014


It's obviously an exam question, or part of study towards a degree maybe.

The question asked though is quite important as it involves uptake of nutrients to plants, and changing PH of soil can do just that. Electrical conductivity of soil is the best test for establishing whether nutrients will be available.

31 Oct, 2014


that's my point: to give a decent response then it is essential to know at what level the question is aimed at.

31 Oct, 2014

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