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By Sunray

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

Is this garden plant a weed?it is dark green has grown
Large le aves, feel like velvet with a very bubbly surface, 7 of these have rooted in different places.



A photo would help,sunray,but it could be a Primula,that has seeded itself..Did you have some in that area? Primula Denticulata. has ball shaped flowers on taller stems..or they could be Polyanthus ..

30 Oct, 2014


Without a photo we are making guesses in the dark! Bloomer P. denticulata does not have leaves that are either bubbly or feel like velvet.

30 Oct, 2014


The definition of a weed is a plant that you didn't plant or intended to grow. If you like it then it's not a weed.

31 Oct, 2014


as Myron sais a weed is a plant in the wrong place .

31 Oct, 2014


You are right,MG..I didn't read 'velvety' more crinkly than bubbly please,Sunray ...

31 Oct, 2014

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