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Primulas for my rock garden. I am hoping for some suggestions of interesting & unusual but hardy primulas to plant in my newly dug rock garden. I have a kidney shaped 3 by 1.5 metre decorative rock garden. Now my lovely crabapple which used to be in the top right hand corner has died I had to dig it out and have room for some new plants! Will need to replant pronto otherwise it will become a cat toilet! Have had to cover newly dug are with chicken wire as I could see the neighbours cat eyeing the area up!!! Quite like the lollipop shaped primulas? Any suggestions would be greatly received. :)



The 'lollipop' shaped primulas are P. denticulata, Amsterdam, and more suited to a semi-shaded and moist site rathet than a rockery.
For a rockery I would be looking more at the European alpine types (auricula and x pubescens) and cultivars. Is you have an alpine plant nursery near you they will have a whole range of them with many, many names.
For some ideas, look at this web page:
Forget the P. allionii varieties as they need alpine house cover but the other two are good for a rockery. I don'ty know this nursery so am neither recommending nor not recommending them.

1 Nov, 2014


There are some lovely little alpine Primulas around....but you might need to go to a specialist. A google search bought this up

2 Nov, 2014


I can recommend the dark purple 'mealy' stalked one that I think is P capitata. I will have a look for its correct name later today.

2 Nov, 2014


Bulboholic- I contacted the penisula primula website and they have come up with a few varieties that would suit my rock garden. Thanks for suggesting the website. Need to dig my rock garden up a bit more to get the roots of the chinese lantern out. It has spread everywhere!

Badfish- I went on the website and they have an enormous selection of alpine plants. I was like a kid in a sweet shop!

Seaburngirl - I looked up the P capitata and love this variety!

4 Nov, 2014


yes it is a good species. I love the dark purple of the flower.

6 Nov, 2014

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