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i have two large pelargoniums ,bought this spring.i have taken four cuttings which seem to have taken but am wondering if it is possible to overwinter the two parent plants and how to get the best result i dont have a greenhouse and not much room inside.would fleece perhaps do it in my sheltered back garden any help appreciated



If you can find somewhere outside that's out of the rain, preferably against the house wall for shelter, provided we don't have a very severe winter, they should come through all right. They tolerate up to -10 degrees, but its the damp that kills them - they succumb to fungal infections because of it. That's why pelargoniums in parts of France and Italy over winter successfully - the climate might mean they get colder winters, but they don't get the rainfall or the same amount of damp air. I wouldn't recommend fleece - it gets wet, and will more likely mean your pelargoniums won't make it.

Testament to this is the fact I had a 'trailing' pelargonium trained up mesh on my balcony for 10 years, by which time it was 6 feet high and 4 feet wide, despite my pruning it - it bit the dust in that very cold winter 3 or so years ago. The reason it survived was a sheltered corner against a house wall, with an overhang above it on the balcony meaning it got very little rain.

2 Nov, 2014


thanks bamboo i will try the back garden i have two walls that may prove useful.Also on the pelagonium subject,with regard to the cuttings taken about ten days ago as i say i imagine they have taken as the leaves havent died ,im a little reluctant on watering as to how much etc and do i need to do anything else as to the leaves or just leave them alone

2 Nov, 2014


If they have rooted pot them into 3” pots and keep them just moist not to wet.
Remove any leaves that may go off.
Keep them out of the frost some ware like a windowsill and they will continue to slowly grow till you plant them out next spring.

2 Nov, 2014


Do you have an inside windowsill,where you could overwinter the parent plants..a spare bedroom ,maybe? It doesn't matter if it's cold,it just needs to be frost free..Very little water over winter..and if you have new growth forming at a point lower down,I would trim the tops off to just above those..They should be fine for next year..Mine are potted up in an unheated Conservatory,and have always survived..

2 Nov, 2014


We crossed there,Peter..but similar advice :o)

2 Nov, 2014


thanksto everyone for the tips ,I can manage the babies indoors but not the large ones ,hope the winter isn't severe and the big ones survive fingers crossed

3 Nov, 2014

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