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triming a conifer

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When do you start to trim a conifer, mines have been in the ground 18 mths and i haven't touched them though they are bushing out, but not at the height i want them, and how do i get a square hedge from the trees( 22 trees, 1 mtr apart)


Craig W



If you want to create a shaped hedge, then start now with a very light trim. This will have the effect of making the plants think they have been pruned and they will shoot out. I would water well and give them a feed too. Leave them after the trim until later in the year then do it again. Always only a VERY light touch, until they are bigger and strong enough for your needs. If you leave them alone now, you won't be able to develop the shape you want.

26 Jul, 2008


It depends which type of conifer you have... but usually if you want a conifer to become fuller you nip the buds, but NEVER touch the top leader bud.

27 Jul, 2008

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