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Hello I have been making a sensory garden for my disabled daughter. The pond is almost complete and ready for fish next spring. Unfortunately the pond has no shelving as the hole had been used for a trampoline to be sunk into so my daughter could get her wheelchair in it.

I have been told floating planters would get round this problem however the pond is 5m x 5m so this is working out quite expensive. Looking at the baskets they are only polystyrene with the black fabric to prevent weeds coming through.

Could you please suggest some way of joining the boxes together that would be safe for plants and fish. Many thanks



most (floating plants) are actually not frost friendly as it goes . there are some oxyginaters excuse my spelling that do ok in a still pond but arnt floating plants . youd be better putting lillies in the pond as long as its the depth of an averadge trampoline . you could put some concrete blocks in on there side on polystyrene or an old bit of plastic too protect your liner to bring the hight up and make your own areas for boarder plants . also you can get solor fountains and floating solor lilly lights that are nice . you can get LED strips with remote controls to go round the edge that change colour and are water proof . lillies don't like much moving water either .

2 Nov, 2014


How deep is the pond?
I'm guessing that it is a 5m diameter round hole that you've put a liner in. Is it too late to put in some backfill to make a shelf? Or to dig out a shelf around part of the hole. If not too late you could also add a boggy area at the same time which would really help wild life.
If you can't build in a shelf then you really need to make some other shallow areas near to the edge to help wildlife get out of the water Nosey's idea of blocks on edge opus one way but there needs to be an escape route from the water to the edge of the pond.
There's a helpful article at - and it has a good list of native water plants.

2 Nov, 2014


Hi thank you, the pond is 1meter deep the chap at the garden centre said that it was too deep for lilies, I was a bit disappointed as these are my favourites. I have a fountain but it is close to one edge because my daughter has sight impairment. I found the lights that turn different colours and they arrived last week I need to get an electrician to sort them. Solar lily lights sound nice I will google them. Thank you so much for taking the time to help, I very much appreciate it.

2 Nov, 2014


Hi. The pond is a meter deep and the diameter is 5m. This project has went on from spring time with friends stepping in once the first chap let me down. Unfortunately it is too late to add a shelf and I couldn't impose myself on friends kindness again asking them to dig out a shelf. It is looking good, and I know next year it will look loads better once surrounding plants mature, but in all honestly if I had realised it would have been so expensive I probably wouldn't have went down this root.

I have put a thick branch at the most 'shallow' end in the hope that wildlife could escape. I have a trunk of a tree still in the ground after a huge conifer had been chopped down I had thought about getting that felled and put across the pond to detract from the steepest bank where a lot of liner is visible.

I will have a look at the link you sent. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer I really do appreciate it.

2 Nov, 2014


a metre isn't too deep that's rubbish but you can start young ones up on blocks as said . there are lots of veriaties .

2 Nov, 2014


That's great news, thanks

2 Nov, 2014


your welcome just read the lables as there are different depth and size lillies is all and your welcome . my ponds a metre deep and im going to get a couple of lillies next year .

2 Nov, 2014
This should encourage you re depth. If you buy from a specialist aquatics nursery you should be shown suitable varieties, but even the ones for deep water need to be stood on something the first year to raise them somewhat until the stems get longer.
I agree that standing your planters on blocks of some sort would be better than floating them - they need to be near the edge of the pond for access of small creatures as the others have said.

If there is a dangerr you daughter may not see the edge of the pond you might surround it with something light coloured or put your marginal planters all the way round. If you want floating plants apart from lilies you could try frogbit or water soldiers if you are prepared to keep throwing themout when they spread too much. They do give you shade for the fish until the lily gets mature.

3 Nov, 2014


Thank you for the advice, that's great. Emma won't manage to the pond herself she will always need an adult with her and her brakes on.

I will take a look at the website just now. Thanks for your time.

3 Nov, 2014

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