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How can I construct a warm area for tender plants inside my greenhouse?



Buy an electric heater. Buy a heat mat. That's it.

2 Nov, 2014


Hi, welcome to GoY, if your greenhouse is large enough, you can divide it up by either suspending sheets of bubble wrap insulation, or with a more permanent division by constructing a framework inside the greenhouse, and glazing with either glass, polycarbonate, or clear plastic roofing sheets, and a small heater in the divided off part, Derek.

2 Nov, 2014


Or an even smaller area by erecting a framework covered with fleece over an area warmed by a heat mat.

2 Nov, 2014


My method works fine. No need for fancy framework, polycarbonate, fleece, bubble wrap. Just set thermostat on electric heater to 50'f. Thermostat on heat mat to 60'f.

or buy one of these for your heat mat

2 Nov, 2014


I stand one of the cheap mini g'houses inside the bigger one, just lift the cover off when not needed.

3 Nov, 2014


I was going to say exactly the same Lincs, I use the shelving then through spring and summer....

3 Nov, 2014


Yes they're very useful Janey..

3 Nov, 2014


Last year All my Geraniums survived in the Greenhouse , and no heater . My Hubby puts large Sheets of Polystyrene ( saved from fridge etc packaging , over the years ) all around the inside of the greenhouse . Then makes a type of frame and roof , using about half of the inside area. Success .

10 Nov, 2014

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