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By Kornos

Surrey, United Kingdom Gb

Hello everybody!
I am sure someone will be able to answer this one!
We have just discovered black fly on our runner beans and at the same time there are quite a few lady birds-what do we do? Spray and risk killing the lady birds, hope that they will eat the blackfly up quickly? Any suggestions ie soapy liquid ? your help and answers would be welcome.



I'd observe for a few days to see how the ladybirds do at decimating them. If they are still around you can either remove with your fingers (marigold gloves if squeamish!) or spray with soapy water.

26 Jun, 2010


the next best thing is to nip the tops out of the plant

26 Jun, 2010


Do make sure the soap is vegetable based (Ecover washing up liquid for instance) or the surfactants will be potentially toxic to Ladybirds and the environment in general.

26 Jun, 2010


Absolutely Ilex! I forget that most folk don't use vegetable based washing up liquid...

26 Jun, 2010

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