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I have a climbing/rambling rose in a large pot in my garden,recently its been coming into bud and it was about to flower,then I have just descovered lots of leafs have dropped off and some of the rose has died but some of the rose has started to flower!!!!! I feed it every two weeks and I thought I watered it too, but whats going on???? Please help.



Last year I managed to nearly kill a climbimg rose in a pot because I did not realise that the drainage wasn't working properly. If the rose has wet feet it will not be happy. Hope this might help.

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26 Jun, 2010


try a larger pot and add broken clay pots in the bottom or stones, this will help with drainage

27 Jun, 2010


Hi thanks for your replies, the drainage of the roses should be fine, as I have repotted them, into larger pots and with broken clay pots in the bottom and holes drilled into two sides,at the bottom of the plastic pots, but this has still happened. Do you think I have not watered the roses enough in this hot weather??????

27 Jun, 2010


Have you given it some feed?

28 Jun, 2010


Could be a water problem - but also simply because it's in a pot - unless your rose is a small variety, or a modern miniature, roses like to put down a couple of very long roots for a few feet, and this means they're not great in pots after a couple of years or even a year.

28 Jun, 2010

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