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gaynor said the gladioli had to be pulled up for storage so i had nothing to do next morning to help out i pulled them all out ?big mistake/ i know i should have got clearance first but it,s done now they are still green and 2 with flowers too soon i got told how was i to know so will they dry and be ok or am i due for penance .i have learned one thing today leave the women do the flowers a little knowledge is worse than no knowledge ,i was only helping so are they ok ?? :(:(:( bad lad



Well I trust you dug them up rather than pulling, next time leave until they've finished flowering and are starting to die back. Unless you are warned of a heavy frost in which case they need to be lifted. To be honest I don't remember my parents lifting their gladiolus.

5 Nov, 2014


Hi Steve, I agree with Mg, but if you plant them with 6 or 7 inches above the bulb, you can leave them in, we don't usually get heavy frosts for long enough to penetrate to that depth, Derek.

5 Nov, 2014


I have had mixed results with leaving Gladioli in the ground. You really do need to put them in deep but with good drainage underneath or you end up with rotten corms. Leaving them in situ does allow them to multiply the corms.

5 Nov, 2014


Agreed Botanic.

5 Nov, 2014


I was always told to treat glads as annuals as they don't flower so well in subsequent years and don't multiply readily - of course that was 30-40 years ago and maybe modern glads are better 'doers'.
I wasn't particularly thrilled with the Wine and Roses variety I tried this year and my Prince Klaus did absolutely nothing flower-wise.

5 Nov, 2014


My parents glads. Flowered year on year in Southern England

6 Nov, 2014

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