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How do I take care of this olive tree I just received as a gift. Should I plant it in a pot or directly in the garden,should I use normal potting soil..? Label says plenty of sunshine is essential. Please give me some inputs..




Hi, Olea europaea is a native plant of Africa, and the Mediterranean region, plant it in your garden, and mix in some well rotted compost and/or some well rotted manure, some bonemeal, in full sun, keep well watered for the first 2 or 3 years until well established.
If you have Olea europaea subsp africana, don't plant too close to walls, patios or swimming pools, as these have a vigorous tap root and lots of side roots which can become invasive, Derek.

8 Nov, 2014


Many thanks for the advise Derek.

9 Nov, 2014

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