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black spot toms

Lincolnshire, United Kingdom Gb

does over watering cause the fruit of the tomato to get a black spot on it?

On plant bogswede



Hi bigswede ... your question has got itself a bit mixed up but I think you're asking if over - watering causes black spots on the toms?
I'm no expert but I think inconsistent watering can cause this as well as the temp going up & down in your greenhouse.
I'm sure a tomato expert will tell you if I'm right or wrong but I would say that could be the cause. :o)

27 Jun, 2010


thanx fluff for your reply

27 Jun, 2010


I think that you may be talking about blossom end rot which in the main is caused by uneven watering but when the plants are tall and full of foliage I think in this extremly hot weather they just can't pull enough water high enough to keep hydrated, i've taken to spraying them regularly ( but not in direct sunlight) and keeping the floor of the greenhouse damp to try to stop the problem--- only time will tell

27 Jun, 2010


thanx pamo for your reply, i will try what you sugessted.

28 Jun, 2010


hope it helps, just be careful if its not warm and sunny but cool & grey weather and they need less and I don't damp them down --- hopefully won't be long before we can pick some, i've had some mini cucumbers already

28 Jun, 2010

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