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tree id

i have a couple of these in my garden and today i saw some sort of fruit in one of them. i need to know the name of this small tree.

Dsc05812 Dsc05813



Mulberry by looks of the leaves. The fruit look like (at the moment) small green blackberries. Although i cant see any fruit in these pics

27 Jun, 2010


Is this the tree with the fruit?? It looks much more like a Betula to me, a close-up of the bark would confirm either way.

27 Jun, 2010


I agree looks like a Betula!

27 Jun, 2010


Indeed, Betula (Birch). The "fruit" you can see are in fact reproductive female cone-like structures and can look like a sort of fruit especially when green. They are really densely packed female flowers with bracts between each layer. They shatter later in the summer to release tiny winged nutlets.

28 Jun, 2010


Yes it does look a bit like a birch now i look a bit closer. Mulberries tend to have rougher more veined leaves and more serrated edges. O weel its was late last night i replied!

28 Jun, 2010



28 Jun, 2010


thanks very much. i wasn't sure of the plant because it looked like kinda berry but tree didn't seem to match.

29 Jun, 2010

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