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My Salix caprea 'Kilmarnock' is located in the shadow of the south fence in a west facing garden; it is in shade for most of the day. Bought from Columbia Road Market, Shoreditch, London last year, it is about four feet tall. Initially it grew well and looked very healthy. However, it has now began to look very unhealthy. Most of the leaves have a white deposit on them and some have dried out. It looks as if something is feasting on the plant. In spite of this new growth appears in some parts of the plant. What can be wrong and what can I do to reinvigorate my beautiful plant.



White deposit might be mildew, but at this time of year, as this plant is deciduous, the leaves will be falling for winter anyway. Clear away any fallen leaves from the ground, and see how it is next year. The commonest problem with these is rust rather than mildew.

10 Nov, 2014


Is the tree in a reasonably moist spot?

10 Nov, 2014

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