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Unripe blackberries?

Does anyone have any thoughts about this? I took the picture this morning on the East Lothian coast. There were several clumps of bushes all with red blackberries on them. Is there a late variety or has something happened to prevent ripening?




Possibly not enough sun to ripen them, we've got brambles looking like that up here.

10 Nov, 2014


Never seen sprays like htat - they are rather pretty aren't they?

10 Nov, 2014


Yes, it was quite pretty and surprising. It was right on an east facing coast so should have got plenty of sun.

11 Nov, 2014


Are you sure they're not raspberries?

11 Nov, 2014


Definitely not raspberries.

11 Nov, 2014


Agree definitely brambles the ones near us got frosted yesterday so that's it.

11 Nov, 2014


not enough light/heat to ripen them . they need a minimum number of daylight hours as well as intensity of light to ripen.

12 Nov, 2014


Seaburngirl. But that's what I don't understand. This was an open east-facing beach in NE Scotland where the days are longer.

This fruit must have formed late, for some reason. I think I'll have to put it down to 'who knows?'.

12 Nov, 2014


Its possible these are the result of a second flowering, so they started forming later... this year's been so mild, growth began very early, around mid to late February for most things, which has meant longer and bigger cropping. Unfortunately, this lot's been caught out, or deceived, by the weather and the days are now not long enough nor the sun strong enough to ripen them off. A weird year - strawberries still in the shops because its not been cold... and they're good to eat too!

12 Nov, 2014


It may also be one of the ornamental bramble species.

12 Nov, 2014


No they are growing in the wild.

12 Nov, 2014


Light levels aren't just confined to the number of hours but also to the quality of light. Light includes wavelengths of red light and far red light. Some plants need triggers of red light and far red light. Chrysanths need far red light to be able to initiate flowering and that's why in nature they flower in late summer for us in the uk, as that is when there is the most far red light. I know some fruit initiation is also reliant on this balance of red and far red light. So as it is late in the year the balance between red and far red is 'wrong' for the fruits to ripen.

hope that makes sense :o)

13 Nov, 2014


Thanks all,

I think Bamboo may be right. Certainly the blackberries were early this year so that may have left time for a second crop with these plants.

14 Nov, 2014

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