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another leaf i need identifying. It's among epimedium and campanula, largest leaf is less than an inch long and it is obviously a twining plant. reminds me of bindweed, thanks:-)

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That is indeed a Bind-Weed growing through an Epimedium.....or maybe up through the paving by the looks of things?

28 Jun, 2010


Eeek is it the nasty sort of bindweed Ilex as I've never had it before? :-)

28 Jun, 2010


All bindweed is nasty, Ba - make sure you get as much root out as possible, or wipe some weedkiller(with a gloved hand!) on the shoot to kill it back completely..

28 Jun, 2010


It's only minute Spritz, I thought I remebered there was a dainty convulvulus that was garden worthy, as pretty as the nasty one but tiny and pink....did I dream it? Oh well tomorrow, the new ruthless me will destroy it...along with my dreams:-( Hope you've recovered from all that stress and activity Spritz? :-)

28 Jun, 2010


It could be Black Bindweed indeed the leaf shape looks more like it. This only seeds itself as it's an annual and is related to Persicaria (Polygonum) with tiny white flowers like sorrel or dock which it's related too. This can be hand pulled or hoed before it seeds.

The unrelated true Bindweed is a type of convolvulus and looks superficially similar but is more robust in all it's parts and of course produces relatively large white funnel shaped flowers. The roots of this plant are tenacious to say the least.

28 Jun, 2010


BA - The much less vigorous Field Bindweed has pink flowers (but a rather different leaf shape) and there are several other pink flowered species too - it's a pretty large genus!

We have the fabulous and very delicate pink flowered Sea Bindweed growing wild at the coast near here.

The leaf shape of common Bindweed can be highly variable, as can the adult Vs. juvenile foliage, so unless you have any reason to suspect that yours might be an ornamental Convolvulus (or indeed the entirely un-ornamental American native Black Bindweed) then it's probably safe to assume it's the common variety.

28 Jun, 2010


Hi Ba - there you are then! Get rid ASAP....

I'm still obviously stressed - and watching Henry like a hawk...we can't do anything unless he has another seizure - if he does, we're going to insist that he gets referred for a scan. I have to get on with my life, though, in spite of the worry...what else can I do? He's getting lots of love....and all the support GOY-ers are gving me is helping a lot!

29 Jun, 2010


Spritz, what is wrong with Henry? I've obviously missed something?:-( I was referring only to the stress of your garden openings. I'll look through your blogs for enlightenment, so sorry:-(

29 Jun, 2010


I'll PM you.

29 Jun, 2010

How do I say thanks?

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