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Can someone please tell me why my pelargonims/geraniums are producing masses of leaves but NO FLOWERS,I've grown these every year and have never had a problem with them before



Are you over-feeding them? This can make for lush growth. OR - is it due to shade and not enough sun? This week's sunshine may well bring them on.

27 Jul, 2008


I don't think either of these suggestions apply, they are in full sun and they havn't been overfed,in fact i think i've only fed them once during the whole summer.but thanks for the feedback anyway spritzhenry

28 Jul, 2008


HHHHHhhhhhhhmmmmm iv never seen them with more Leafs than Flowers Holidayqueen ? Let me know if u find out why theyv done this plez as im very interested in Knowing why 2:)

28 Jul, 2008


Very odd! I've never come across such a thing before either. They aren't the fragrant leaved ones sold to you by accident are they? Did you buy them or propagate? Just stabbing in the dark to find an answer!!!! LOL.

28 Jul, 2008

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