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my mates dad who lives in spain has had this for a few years but over the last two weeks the stem in the middle has shot up to about 5 feet could anyone enlighten me as to what it is ? cheers bob.

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Just a flower spike - impressive isn't it! (I like the owl...)

13 Nov, 2014


I would get him to take the picture to his local garden centre there if I was him, I'll be intrigued to know what it is but agree it may be the start of a flower, please keep us informed about the findings.

13 Nov, 2014


Could be Agave stricta or Yucca rostrata. If Agave it will die after flowering.

13 Nov, 2014


Hi, I agree with Agave stricta, common name, hedgehog agave, Derek.

13 Nov, 2014


thank you all so much !

14 Nov, 2014

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