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i was recently given a camellia in a pot there is no botanical name on the label , it stands about 2 foot high and is just starting to flower it is living in the conservatory and doing ok, will i be able to put it in the garden next spring: i have tried attaching a photo but i`m having problems with that. thanks for any replies



yes that will be a perfect time :)

13 Nov, 2014


I agree, hardy in most of the UK.

13 Nov, 2014


Hi, there are about 250 species of Camellia, not all of which are hardy, they range from fully hardy, to frost tender, the most common of which is C japonica, which has lots of varieties, with some flowering in autumn, early winter, early spring, late spring, and early summer, a few flower in autumn, and again in early to late spring, you probably have 1 of these, as they're the most common, they're also fully hardy, but there are other species that wouldn't survive outside, so I wouldn't make assumptions about hardiness, without trying to find out, or confirm the species, Derek.

13 Nov, 2014


Is there any chance you could find out where it came from? The nursery might be able to tell you the variety.

13 Nov, 2014


thanks again for all replies

14 Nov, 2014
gives info on camellias. It will probably not help with the plants own specific name but it could help give a few clues as to its origin and likely hardiness. Does it have large or small leaves, was it bought from a supermarket, garden centre or nursery?

15 Nov, 2014

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